The Princess and the Fawn by Danielle Hughes

In a story of corrupt power, adventure, and romance, not everyone will find their happy ending. When a young prince and his sister discover their evil stepmother's plan to take over the throne by having them killed, they are forced to flee their kingdom and take refuge in the mysterious Woodland. But her dark magic is far-reaching with disastrous consequences, and together the siblings must face their new fate and prepare for a life in hiding. In the neighboring kingdom of Caedryn, Prince Evander is desperate for adventure. But when he embarks on a special birthday hunt for the fabled Silver Stag, he soon finds himself on a dangerous quest to take down an evil queen and free a trapped kingdom. Inspired by the Grimm’s Brothers fairytale, 'Brother and Sister', secrets and lies will be uncovered, courage and self-belief will be tested, while the fate of two Kingdoms hangs in the balance. If you enjoyed the daring and magical world of The Princess Bride, you'll love the captivating adventures of The Princess and the Fawn.
Genre: Fantasy
Book Length: