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Discover a Deeply Intrinsic Story That Speaks of Betrayal, Pain, and Forgiveness... Life is never a straight line…When a heart is closed off due to betrayal and pain, sometimes the only cure is to open it and take a chance… Independent and full of life, Priya was a typical modern-day woman in India until she became a victim of sexual abuse in her workplace. Humiliated, with her heart filled with fear and with her soul shattered into thousand pieces, she was hiding from the world, hoping that the pain would go away - to make things worse, the encounter left her pregnant. However, despite everything, Priya decided to continue with the pregnancy. When her son was born, in that very moment, the pain was transformed into the all-consuming power of a mother's love. Still, life is never a straight line…Many years passed, but then one day, her abuser, Vijay, comes storming back into Priya's life…but this time as a broken man begging for forgiveness… Priya can't let go of the past that easily… but what if the only way to heal is to forgive? Stunning and beautiful, A Priceless Gift is a tale of two Indian families torn apart by hate and anger while seeking redemption through love and forgiveness – a tale rooted in India yet shared by diverse cultures across the world that shows that life doesn't always proceed as planned. Immerse yourself into a deeply intrinsic story as Hemalatha Gnanasekar entangles her characters' fate in an intricate web of betrayal, pain, love and forgiveness… What are you waiting for? Scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click," and Get Your Copy Now!
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