The Prepper’s Cabin by Vincent Valentean

It's been a month without power. With no phones, no computers, and no reprieve, the remaining fragments of humanity are disintegrating rapidly. Starvation grips the populace as ruthless gangs emerge, seizing control in a merciless free-for-all that engulfs the entire nation. Daniel and Vic Vena weren't content to sit around and wait for the world to end. Long ago, they swore that when the day came, they'd be ready for it. But when an EMP decimates the nation's power grid, the brothers find themselves separated by many miles and even more threats. Vic must work to protect Daniel's teenage son Anthony as they fight their way out of the chaos-filled streets of a powerless Manhattan. Daniel meanwhile travels from the family's farm to battle his way into the city to ensure that his family can make it out alive. But as the streets of NYC become a battleground between a vicious street gang and remnants of a massive Mafia crime family, can these brothers reunite, survive this powerless apocalypse, and start their lives anew in their fortified homestead?
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