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Can You Really Succeed Against All Odds? Siera Taketchera Russell, The Indigenous Mentor™, is living proof that you can. Siera is a direct descendent of the Wipukepa people. Raised in poverty and subjected to decades of abuse, she overcame severe addiction to graduate from Harvard University and become an appellate court judge. But her stunning rise to success is no fluke; instead, it’s based on time-tested principles which she reveals in this practical, inspiring guide for indigenous women. Follow in her footsteps as she shares how to: ✓ Know your worth - because you have an assignment with eternal value. ✓ Walk in love - so you can respond wisely to every situation and live without regrets. ✓ Write your vision - so can prioritize easily and say ‘No’ when you need to. ✓ Cultivate gratitude - so your motives stay pure, and God always sends you more. ✓ Protect your destiny - and refuse to accept any man-imposed limitations on your future. Discover a meaningful path to a brighter future based on the best of indigenous wisdom and biblical truths. Because the time has come for native women around the globe to arise and claim their rightful place of influence.
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