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Robyn o' the Hood, the Greenwood King, is growing older along with his band of Wolfsheads. King John has signed Magna Carta, but England still groans beneath his oppression--and now the French are invading. Robyn is offered a pardon for his entire band if he will join the infamous archer, Wililkin of the Weald, to stop the progress of Prince Louis' army. Although he has misgivings, he agrees... But King John is devious and when Robyn is away, he takes personal revenge out on Robyn's wife Clarimonde--in secret Matilda Fitzwalter, daughter of the rebel baron, Robert Fitzwalter. Now it is Robyn's turn to seek revenge-, even if it means his life. He must summon up the eldritch powers of ancient Britain to bring down the tyrant-king.
Genre: Fantasy
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