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The Guardians by Bobby Bixler

Earth Stands on the precipice of an alien invasion. With fourteen mysterious crafts looming, the world plunges into chaos. Governments around the globe are on high alert and have activated their missile defense systems. People panic. Looting and burning spread through cities around the globe. All efforts to de-escalate the situation have failed. Amidst this turmoil, Luke and Louise, united by a shared fascination with the ancient alien race known as the Guardians, embark on a quest to uncover truths that could alter humanity's fate. Armed with historical evidence and ancestral tales, Luke and Louise must help the world understand the new arrivals before it’s too late. Their journey takes them down a dangerous path where every page holds the key to Earth’s salvation . . . or its ultimate demise. “The Guardians” is a sci-fi masterpiece that weaves together the excitement of "The Martian" and the intrigue of "Arrival." A must-read for fans of suspenseful, thought-provoking science fiction, this book promises a breathtaking journey into the heart of sci-fi. Grab your copy of “The Guardians” to explore the cosmos today
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