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The Ghost’s Call by K.C. Adams

One mother. One daughter. One haunted town. Niamh Widow. Divorcee. Mother. Retired ghost hunter. Something has just unleashed dozens of 200-year-old ghosts on my hometown. And my seventeen-year-old daughter wants to be the one to solve the mystery. Isn’t that just great? Little does she know that a ghost killed her dad. Which is why I really, really don’t want either of us to go near them ever again. But, of course, she’s my daughter. Stubbornness runs in the family. So does ghost hunting. If I don’t look into the ghosts haunting the town, I’ll never be able to live with myself if someone else gets hurt. But how can I when I’m terrified they’ll hurt my family again? Edie I never signed up to be a ghost hunter. I was born one. But my mum won’t let me do it. Which means I can see ghosts, but I can’t actually do anything. I can’t help them. I can’t help the people they haunt. And, if she had her way, I wouldn’t event talk to them. Ugh. What’s the point in having magic if you can’t even use it? I need to prove to Mum, once and for all, that I can do this. The question is, how? Discover a whole new world of ghosts, magic, and romance in The Ghost’s Call, the first book in a new mother/daughter fantasy series. It’s a little bit spooky, sprinkled with romance, and seriously sarcastic. Perfect for fans of Charmed, Supernatural, Ghost Whisperer, and Lost Girl.
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