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"Just what every new puppy owner needs to help with the difficulties and multiple questions that will enter your home along with the furry little bundle of joy."--5 Stars, Readers' Favorite Explore the world of canine breeds, and understand their different needs. A new puppy is an amazing addition to the family, but training them can turn into a nightmare very quickly. Before introducing a new dog to your home, it’s also essential to choose the correct breed. With that in mind, training expert Max Parrott has created the perfect forum for dynamic, fun discussion. The Furry Friends series will help you raise your new puppy with confidence and kindness, and enjoy a beautiful picture book that’s sure to tickle the whole family. Inside you will discover: VOL. I How to utilize positive reinforcement and Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) to get your puppy to listen and respond to your commands A step-by-step guide to tackling developmental milestones, including housebreaking, crate training, and verbal commands Comprehensive training exercises guaranteed to build a healthy relationship between you and your pet . . . How to fully recognize your puppy’s needs VOL II Countless breeds and what sets them apart Why terriers and miniatures make wonderful pets for children All about the biggest dogs and littlest dogs alike What it takes to keep respective breeds content AND MORE! By overcoming common behavioral issues and building a deep, mutual understanding with your chosen dog, you soon will forge a bond that’s made to last a loving lifetime. Treat your new best friend right. The keys to triumph lie within!
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