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The Frostwing Quadrilogy Box Set by Morgan Lee Clasper

Over 1000 pages of epic YA dragon rider fantasy. When Ava Frostborn finds herself stranded in an unforgiving frozen wilderness, her only hope lies in bonding with one of the fierce dragons that roam the icy skies. But few can form a Dragonbond. Only those with strong enough magic can hope to do it—and Ava’s magic is weak. After she falls in with a group of unlikely allies, Ava is thrown head-first into a dangerous world of bloodthirsty bandits, vicious winter storms, and powerful enemies. With nothing to rely on but their dragons and their own wits, Ava and her newfound friends must carve out a place for themselves in a world where everything wants them dead. From the smog-choked cities to the desolate edge of the world, Ava’s skills are pushed to the limit as she finds herself at the heart of a changing wild…
Genre: Fantasy
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