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The First Seal by Sean Deville

You might not believe in demons... but they believe in you. Lilith knows a demon when she sees one, because she’s been hunting and killing them all her adult life. Trained from childhood by ruthless and fanatical religious assassins, she protects the streets of London from the despicable demonic hordes. She was taught that demonic possession starts with just a whisper in the mind. Then comes the carnage and the slaughter as the demon gains ownership of its victim. That's when Lilith gets involved, and death can be the only salvation for the innocent. Lilith keeps the balance, but hidden in the darkness, the forces of Hell are gathering. From the fire, the soot and the shadows, true evil is about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world. Hell on Earth is coming. Welcome to the end of days. Sean Deville’s "The First Seal" is book 1 of an apocalyptic horror series recounting the brutal fall of humanity. If you want to read how the demonic apocalypse unfolds, this is the book for you. There will be death... there will be slaughter... there will be blood and gore.
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