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The sun is dying, and it’s taking the Earth down with it. Jack Bishop needs a pair of tickets aboard one of the Arks – colossal lifeboats destined to shepherd humanity to the stars. Desperate to save his wife, he signs up for a dangerous wormhole experiment… but something goes catastrophically wrong, and Jack finds himself cast into the Stellar Abyss. Rescued by a ship of sentient automata on the run from a criminal warlord, Jack discovers a thriving intergalactic community on humanity’s doorstep. They have the technology to save Earth. The problem is, nobody’s ever heard of the place… and the androids are more interested in finding a mythical sanctuary than taking Jack home. Jack wanted to escape Earth. Now he has to find a way back there – before it’s too late. The Final Dawn is the first book in the Final Dawn series. If you like page-turning space operas, then you’ll love this exciting science fiction adventure. Download The Final Dawn today.
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