The Fall of Cadoria by Paul Willson

The menacing Empire of Thargoẑa is massing its forces to invade Cadoria once more. Leading the defence against the empire and its paranoid Emperor Ignaẑio once again is the victorious Crown Prince Tyrran, the saviour of Cadoria and the Lion of Heldwr, leading small army, However, this time feels different. As he leads his army to halt the empire's advance at Heldwr Fort, Tyrran is seized by the growing sense that something is wrong. There is no sign of the Thargoẑan scouts. His intelligence chief has vanished. To make matters worse wife, Princess Braganẑa, insists on accompanying him with their children to witness Prince Tyrran's preparations for battle. In the aftermath of the upcoming battle, Prince Tyrran's destiny is forever changed and he must grapple with a devastating betrayal. "The Fall of Cadoria" is the first book in the "Gods and Runes" series. Also by the author is the 5* rated "The Demon and The Raven" and the heartbreaking "The Dance of The Blacksmith and The Huntress" trilogy.
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