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The Days That Followed by Hailey Gosack

On August 25, 2025, at 3:11 p.m. MST, two nuclear bombs were detonated in the atmosphere hundreds of miles above Utah and Ohio. The blast's Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) wipes out most electronics for 95% of the country's population. Cell phones, vehicles, and other forms of technology produced after 1974 are rendered useless. Without the delivery of food, pharmaceuticals, and other supplies, resources soon become scarce, causing an all-out war among the people. Looting and violence are rampant as law and order cease to exist. If our modern way of life came to a screeching halt, would you have the skills necessary to survive on your own? Join four characters on their individual journeys through the ensuing chaos of a complete technological blackout to see if they have what it takes. Learn alongside them as their fates begin to converge. Carrie is a beautiful, ambitious young professional visiting Salt Lake City from Philadelphia to pitch a business proposal to the executives at the corporate branch. After the EMP destroys her chances of getting home, she must figure out how to survive alone in an unfamiliar city with very few possessions. Bodin is an angry teenager who dreams of emancipation while living with his stepdad, mom, and three-year-old stepsister Evie in Salt Lake City. But after the EMP strike, he finds himself trapped and forced to participate in the family life he shunned. He begins to appreciate his family just as the fight for resources among the city inhabitants heats up. Now, he’ll do anything to protect them, but will it be enough? Sarah is an ICU nurse working at a hospital in Salt Lake when the EMP strikes and much of the hospital’s equipment is rendered useless. As she works hard to save her patients, she must also contend with her own survival odds. Sarah has recently been diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. Sam is a retired Rancher living out his days in the small town of Stanley, ID. Sam has an advantage. Not only is he well-versed in what it takes to live off the land, but he was also warned to prepare for survival before the blackout. But Sam has it far from easy. Sam has been tasked with the seemingly impossible. The characters are faced with an intriguing question that continues to unfold: is help coming, or is there something more sinister at play for the citizens of the United States? Is it possible that the EMP attack wasn't a terrorist attack at all?
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