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For 20 years, Tommy Lynn Sells killed without remorse. This horrific crime spree stunned the nation and goes beyond the typical psychopath behavior of serial killers. Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Some serial killers seem to have such ideal lives that it’s almost impossible to understand the motivation for their crimes. Then there are killers who had such rough childhoods that it’s easy to see why they turned out the way they did... Killers like Tommy Lynn Sells. Having hit the road to live his life how he wanted when he was just fourteen years old, Sells had vivid memories of the places he’d visited, such as the Grand Canyon, Vegas, and Niagara Falls but vaguely remembers his first murder. He wasn’t sure who the victim was or what state the killing occurred in. He did recall that the first life he took was in self-defense, but that was never proven... Wherever it started, his murder spree would last for decades and it would cause enormous harm to his victims and their families. Read on your favorite devices such as Kindle, IPhone, IPad, Android cellular phone, tablet, laptop, or computer with Amazon's free reading Kindle App. Scroll back up and click the BUY NOW button at the top right side of this page for an immediate download!
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