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The Conquest of Kiynan by Eric P. Caillibot

★★★★★ “Impossible to put down… Caillibot kick starts The Kiynan Chronicles series with this fascinating concoction of epic fantasy, mystery, magic, and action.” - The Prairies Book Review ★★★★★“The book follows multiple point-of-view characters through an unlikely thread that weaves them together in a patchwork of royalty, loyalty, war, and magic. [...] The Conquest of Kiynan is an incredibly ambitious book” - Readers’ Favorite ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The world of Kiynan erupts into war on all fronts. An ancient Conjurer escapes from his imprisonment in the spirit world. Bent on revenge, he raises an army of demons draped in stolen flesh and bones. In a desperate bid to stop him, the magical Houses of Ornland seek help from their long-alienated kin on Kiynan. Among them is Kayla Freeland, a young woman who may be the key to unlocking the long-forgotten magic of the fallen House Calm, perhaps the only means of stopping the demons. Far to the West, the barbarian High King of the Iceborn invades Kiynan without warning. Old rivalries are reignited and alliances tested as nobles and commoners alike are thrown into chaos. A young, naïve King and a conscripted thief find themselves forced to work together to survive. As kingdoms fall, the unlikely heroes must overcome fear, loss and remorse to unite fragmented armies and feuding magicians against their merciless enemies. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Conquest of Kiynan is the first instalment of an epic, high fantasy series. The story is split across multiple viewpoint characters, forced to navigate conflict, coming of age, clashing cultures and magic. The threads are gradually woven together, leading to a single, thrilling conclusion.
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