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The Community by Finn Eccleston

What if every memory you had of your life was not your own? This idyllic community, isolated from the rest of the world, if the rest of the world even exists anymore, is all any of its inhabitants have ever known. But what if there’s more out there? Why would the council hide that from them? And what are these memories that keep popping in his head, memories of a different life so different from his own? These are the questions Jay Stevens must struggle with as he embarks on a journey that will uncover secrets both internal and external, buried deep for a reason. As he and his friends search for the truth of their world, they’ll find more than they ever bargained for as the keepers of the truth counter them at every turn. But will they survive long enough to find the truth? And if there is a world out there, beyond the community, is it still one worth finding? If you like mystery, action, suspense, revelations, and crass humour, then you’ll love The Community, the first book in the planned Project M trilogy. Will Jay discover the truth of his memories, or is he doomed to be trapped in the community and his own mind forever? Scroll up and click the Buy Now or Read Now button to find out the truth today.
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