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The Berserker Trilogy by J.W. Webb

An eye for an eye is the warrior’s way. And that wretched witch killed his father… Jaran Saerk lets vengeful wrath guide his blade. As scarred in youth by his dad’s murder as he is by battle now, the much-feared Northman berserker has grown into a master of meting out death. But his latest victim spills more than his dying guts when he reveals clues to the deadly sorceress Jaran vowed to make pay. Blind to the location of the mist-veiled island housing the treacherous spellcaster, the swordsman allies with both a fire-tongued escaped slave and a cunning thief. But with enemies from former conquests closing in and the conjurer summoning more foes, a fury-filled frenzy may be Jaran’s only deliverance from certain doom. Can he avenge his tattered family before he joins them in the grave? Blood Feud is the blistering ninth book in the Legends of Ansu fantasy series and the explosive opening to The Berserker Trilogy. If you like impeccably incisive characters, trench-deep world-building, and brutally unrestrained combat, then you’ll love J.W. Webb’s crimson vendetta. Buy Blood Feud to let rage run red today!
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