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Kari just wanted a relaxing week away from home… Instead, she got the vacation from hell. Kari and her husband Dave arrive at their beach rental and are disappointed in its condition—to say the least. It’s old, dusty, and has cockroaches. And there are odd things in the closet. Her curiosity piqued, Kari begins to investigate and finds a desperate message written in glowing red letters on the wall: Help me. Terrified, she tries to unravel the mystery of what’s going on in the beach house before it’s too late. With the clues stacking up, it’s clear that something evil resides in the house and wants Kari to do its bidding. As the week wears on, Kari must figure out how to destroy the evil. Or she may never leave the beach house… The Beach House is a short horror story of about 20,000 words (98 pages) for people who love supernatural suspense, creepy old homes, and monsters in the closet. Get The Beach House now.
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