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The Ash by Dan Soule

You know the drill: mushroom clouds, end of the world, only the clichés survive. This isn't that... Even on the day of his divorce, Constable Jim Castle just wants to get back to his family, but no one can risk going outside. Not anymore. Worse still, when the fallout starts, Jim is hostage to a gang of armed thieves in a rundown farmhouse. Their plan is simple: wait it out as the radioactive ash piles higher and try not to kill each other. But they don't have to worry about any of that. Because all their assumptions about what caused the end of the world are about to be snatched away - like a body into the ash. A blend of The Road meets Alien in the English countryside, The Ash is a breakneck horror ride. Another of Dan Soule's Fright Night tales, where even if one man can face his demons, it still might not be enough. So turn the page and get pulled screaming into... The Ash. Praise for the author 'Powerful and haunting' Adrian J. Walker author of The End of the World Running Club 'His stories aren’t just guaranteed to scare you, they’re guaranteed to devastate you.' - Caitlin Marceau, editor Sanitarium Magazine
Genre: Science Fiction Science Fiction
#FirstContact #PostApocalyptic
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