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"A must-have in the personal collection of all readers who want to experience the magic of crocheting." --5 Stars, Readers' Favorite Excited about learning to crochet, but feeling overwhelmed? Well, don’t knit your brow. This book contains step-by-step guides with clear picture illustrations so that you know where to start. Inside The Art of Crochet for Beginners you’ll discover: How to buy the correct equipment you need How to master the technical basics like crochet stitches, and how to avoid common mistakes How to read and follow patterns step-by-step so you never feel lost How to speak like a seasoned designer Over 30 beautiful themes and patterns—perfect for practice and great for gifts . . . Along with much, much more! This bookis the bona fide crash course for artists . . . like YOU. Once you master the tips herein, you’re sure to be ‘hooked’—so why delay? The tapestry of life is always richer with crochet!
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