The Amulet of Aryath by Karl DiMascio

Step into the wondrous world of The Chronicles of a Realm Traveller where dreams hold the key to heroic adventure and destiny. In this first installment, The Amulet of Aryath, Adam Walker must emerge as a formidable warrior and fulfil a prophecy to deliver an amulet to the High Priestess and restore balance as darkness threatens to envelope the realm of Aryath. Adam must face the challenges that arise throughout his quest, he must learn to trust his instincts and harness the power within to defeat that which threatens the realm. The adventure takes him on a voyage of discovery, testing his resolve, courage and bravery. With captivating world-building and vivid descriptions, The Amulet of Aryath is a must-read for anyone who loves epic fantasy adventures and tales of heroism. This thrilling first book in the series will leave you on the edge of your seat and eager to explore more from the Chronicles of a Realm Traveller.
Genre: Fantasy
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