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Their son was snatched from school. They will stop at nothing to bring him home or die trying Harry and Sharon rush to the school, ready to take to the streets searching for their son. Everyone else seems so calm, as if this is an ordinary thing that happens every day. They agree to answer questions, confident that the experts will quickly find Jamie. Surely he hasn’t gone far and they wait anxiously, expecting good news to come at any minute. But their confidence is dashed when they learn that their son was kidnapped, and that dozens of other children were also taken. They quickly become frustrated at the lack of progress that the FBI is making. Panic sets in and they set off on their own to find Jamie. They catch a break and find a sure indication that they are on the right path. Will they find Jamie before the trail grows cold? This is the first book in a series of 3. The complete series is available on Amazon.
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