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Strain of Resistance by Michelle Bryan

I was twelve years old when the world ended. For eight years I’ve survived this hellhole of a planet, while most of the population mutated into blood-thirsty freaks. The few of us left spend our days waiting to see who will become tomorrow’s lunch special. Enough food? Never. Water? Only on our good days. Leaving the safety of our walls? If we’re feeling lucky. If it wasn’t for Luke, I would have given up long ago. Luke. My friend. My leader. My rock when I lost the man I loved. Now Luke wants more from me, but these walls I’ve built up are the only thing keeping me together. Because if I lose one more person, I’ll break, and in our world, no one is safe. They’ve already stolen too much from me. It’s time for things to change. My name is Bixby. I’m the resistance and this war is just beginning. Mature themes and explicit language. 17+ Rating.
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