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Are you experiencing anxiety and stress due to personal loss? Do you want to process your emotions in a safe environment so that you can move on? Men’s mental health has often been ignored under the garb of gender roles. We have been frequently called upon to be “the stronger sex” without any attention to the damaging impact this has on our wellbeing. Presently, most of the resources in the arena of self-love and self-care are focused on women’s mental health. These resources do not take into consideration the pressures that men face when it comes to self-expression, which makes these books almost unrelatable to the vast male population. In this book, we take a unique look at men’s mental health, combining science and statistics with the intuitive construct of self-love. Benefits you can get by reading this book This book will help you to process overwhelming emotions in a safe environment and at your own pace. You will find yourself transported to your deepest core through distinctive reflective exercises in diverse aspects. You shall find yourself questioning the damaging beliefs that you held on to for so long, even at the cost of your mental peace. Rather than giving ready-made self-care plans and solutions, this book gently guides you to create an all-encompassing lifestyle that leads you onto the path of self-discovery. You will rediscover yourself and become a happier and more self-aware version of yourself. If you have experienced overwhelming emotions to the extent that you have lost touch with yourself, then it’s time to set out on a journey —a journey towards self-fulfillment and self-love, a journey that brings you meaning and joy alike. Scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button now!
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