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Seduced by Starlight by Sara Ivy Hill

Fate brought us together…but our secrets may keep us apart. FENIX Everything I’ve ever loved has been taken from me. My mother. My childhood home. My lover. Even my freedom, when my father shackled me with a planet to rule. Now I know better. The less I love, the less I lose. But then I find her. My fated queen. And my heart is instantly lost to her forever. So I hide her in my floating palace. If no one knows she exists, no one can take her away from me. And if she doesn’t know what she means to me, she won’t leave. TAMIRA I rescued myself when I was abducted by aliens. I saw my chance, and I ran. Now I’m hiding—not from my enemies, but from my friends. The ones I abandoned to our captors when I ran away. The ones who are searching for me now, so they can take me back to Earth. But Earth is the last place I want to return. My unlikely ally? The playboy alien king. He was supposed to rescue me. Instead, he’s keeping me as his dirty little secret. But I have a secret, too. One that could drive us apart forever. I’m pregnant. And the baby isn’t his. ★•★•★•★•★•★ Seduced by Starlight is a full-length, fated-mates sci-fi romance with lots of steam and a guaranteed happily ever after. If you like resourceful human heroines and the arrogant alien kings who adore them, you’ll fall in love with this series.
Genre: Fantasy
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