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In the fantastical realm of Urthis, where magic and metal intertwine, a young miner named Samuel Irwin Miner discovers an extraordinary secret: he has the power to manipulate metal.

Fleeing his painful past, Irwin joins forces with the enigmatic Yace and her shapeshifting companion Kipp on a journey that will test their courage, challenge their beliefs, and reveal the dark undercurrents of a world on the brink of war. But when Yace vanishes after a fateful encounter with her estranged father, Irwin and Kipp find themselves drawn into a dangerous web of ancient magic, telepathic manipulation, and political intrigue.

To unravel the truth and save Yace, they must confront their own inner demons and uncover the secrets of Irwin's past before the shadowy Ishik Empire destroys everything they hold dear. For in a land where metal is power, one man's gift could be the key to salvation...or the catalyst for destruction.

Genre: Fantasy Fantasy
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