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One Lie Changes The Course of Three Lives When Marianne Larson uncovers a truth about her marriage, she sets out to change the course of her life, finding herself along the way. But that journey doesn’t come easy as her mother and daughter decide to take a ride of their own–a ride that just might change all of their lives. While discovering secrets, lies, and the truth about men & dating, three generations and three very different personalities recreate their lives and strengthen their female bond. But what they find might just be what they knew all along… Reviews “Three generations of women fight, love and laugh. If you are a mother or daughter you will love this book and not be able to put it down!” ANON “This book was a very pleasant surprise for me in that it took me to places I wasn't expecting, and had me laughing out loud, wanting to go into the story and smack people on the back of the head to wake them up, and to just hug those ladies and be friends with them. When you can get into a story that way it is a rare experience.” Literature Litehouse
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