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School Succs by Julia Ramirez

Katherine Fey is your typical high school graduate. You know, except for the fact that she’s contractually obligated to be a sex demon. Still, she’s intent on living her best college life but, let’s face it—school sucks. Even more so for a freshly turned succubus who can’t seem to deny her urge to be a teacher’s pet. But the world isn’t as black and white as she thought and creatures the geeks in her high school used to fangirl about are real. Vampires aren’t just brooding pianists but bitchy Instagram models that can’t take a joke. Freshman year was supposed to be simple. She had her classes picked before she got demonized but when she arrives at the University she finds they’ve added another class she didn’t approve of. History is supposed to be boring but not when it’s being taught by a dhampir and the students are of the paranormal variety. It would have bothered her more if the Professor, Cassidy King, wasn’t the hottest guy she’s seen since she signed her contract with the Dark Lord. Their affair stirs feelings in Katherine she can’t explain but before she can fully revel in them—the murders begin. Inhuman beings are being left dead by what the dhampirs have said are Holy Weapons. She soon finds herself in the middle of the investigation as secrets begin to unravel all around her. People are not who they seem and the death count keeps rising. What’s a succubus to do?
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