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The year is 2075. A relatively small percentage of the Earth’s population has survived World War III, which ended in 2035. Most of the former USA is now a vast, unpopulated wasteland except for the Northeast Sector, an area around the former Washington, DC. Although it’s against the law for robots to hold positions of power in the government and large companies in the Sector, they have managed to do so because of RobotWorld—one of the largest corporations on the planet. RW has created sentient robots that can totally pass for human. Bots appear to be taking over, as humans are overmatched. Taylor Morris, Roz Morris, and their small band of rebels blow up the gigantic RobotWorld building and go on the run while also working to change an oppressive political system. But can these underdogs overcome the powerful government/bot complex and the humans and bots behind it that holds all the cards—to save themselves and all of humanity? Author’s note: RobotWorld: No Final Victories is the second in a series, but it is also constructed as a standalone novel.
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