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Rapture at Midnight by Isobelle Cate

A war between two supernatural races. A beautiful computer genius in grave danger. A seductive, passionate immortal is her only hope of survival... Cynn Cruor sniper and vampire/werewolf hybrid Finn Qualtrough, is on a mission to find the leader of the Scatha Cruors - a breakaway group that wants to enslave the human race. Pretty simple, right? Not when he finds himself saving a woman from the Scatha Cruors' who stirs a desire to protect. Mine. Insomniac Eirene Spence takes a stroll in the park at midnight to get the adrenalin pumping when she is nearly set upon by a gang who morphs into creatures from Hell. Just when she thinks her life is over, she's rescued by a handsome, provocative stranger whose touch ignites a hunger inside her that only he can satisfy. No two souls have had their destinies perfectly entwined, until Finn's nemesis wants Eirene dead. Readers who like steamy romance will love this as will anyone who loves paranormal romance, werewolves, vampires, and ancient magick. ***CONTENT WARNING: This story is intended for audiences 18+ ONLY*** Editorial Reviews I loved how the Cynn Cruor are a new breed of immortal, neither one thing nor another. I always wonder how authors come up with their ideas and this one, for me, was pure genius. -Tangents and Tissues Book Blog Isobelle's writing voice is smooth as fine wine, slides through the cells like sweet warm caramel, and is as hot as the red coals in the bottom of a firepit. - Natasza Waters, RONE Awardee and Bestselling Author of A Warrior's Challenge Series I found this story to be really well written and actually quite an easy read considering it's heavy on the paranormal aspect. The sex scenes were absolutely scorching, like seriously, Finn and Eireen set the freaking pages ablaze! - Romance Readers Retreat I rate this with five stars because it is original, creative, extensive in detail and captivating. - Lauren Jones, Turning Another Page Book Blog Readers' Reviews Sign of a good book, grabs you so you forget the time, just one more chapter is the mantra, Can't leave it there! That's this book... - Amazon Reviewer The Cynn Cruors are real! I don't read many paranormal books but this first book in the series, and the first I've read from the lovely Isobelle Cate, has completely sucked me in particularly the fact it has vampire/werewolves. - Amazon Reviewer Isobelle Cate, has given us a totally new twist that I have not read before and this book blew me away!! - Goodreads Reviewer
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