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Welcome to the Chanted Forest, where Fairytales are real...but not as you know them. After losing his grandfather, Jack feels lost, unsure of what his future holds. Until he sees the reflection of a beautiful young woman inside his grandfather’s mirror. A mirror he never knew existed. She beckons to him, and he’s pulled through a portal to the Chanted Kingdom where fairytale characters are real. Princess Aria’s family was killed by the Evil Queen, and after spending a year running for her life and hiding with Robin and his band of misfits, she’s so close to completing the Mirror of Reason, which she plans to use as a portal to leave the Chanted Kingdom forever. All she needs is to catch a young man named Jack in exchange for a mirror shard. Things get complicated as Aria’s feelings for Jack, as well as her ice powers, start to grow stronger. Soon, she finds that using her powers to save everyone she loves, will come at a great cost. Queen of Snow is the thrilling first installment of the Fairytales Reimagined series. This exciting tale follows two destined lovers with action, greek mythology, stirring kisses, and a heart-pounding conclusion. Scroll up and start reading today!
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