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Have you ever had a dream that then occurred in reality?Or, quite simply, you feel something inside of you, but you don't know how to interpret it? Read on, and you will understand why certain things happen. Psychic empaths can feel what others are feeling, and understand their emotions and deepest motivations. This ability is not new and is part of being human. However, not all humans are aware of their abilities and many simply don't pay attention to it or don't even try to understand what they are feeling. While there are other people with a great awareness of having these abilities, and they experience their day in and day out. They are often labeled as "hypersensitive people" or people who have a "sixth sense". However, they not only feel their own emotions, but they also experience what others are experiencing. They may even take on the same personality traits and thoughts as those they encounter. This is a serious problem that psychic empaths face, but it also gives them a unique perspective on life and love. With this book, Maggie Reed (Ph.D. in Psychology) will guide you through the various facets of being an empath. Among other things, you'll discover: WHAT IS AN EMPATH? TYPES OF EMPATHS KNOW YOUR TYPE AND HOW TO DISCOVER IT. HOW TO AVOID NEGATIVE ENERGY AND HOW TO RECOGNIZE AND ELIMINATE IT RECOGNIZE AND PROTECT YOURSELF FROM ENERGY VAMPIRES COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE THROUGH MEDITATION EXERCISES INTERPRET YOUR DREAMS TO BETTER MANAGE YOUR HYPERSENSITIVITY ...And much more! So what are you waiting for? TO LEARN MORE, CLICK "BUY NOW".
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