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Progress Above All by Mick Mooney

"The world-building is superb." - Stellar Space The year is 2080, and there is only one city on Earth. It has been that way for decades. The City is run by a handful of Architects who have perfected the experience of life through advanced technology. Life is what they perceive it to be for the rest of the citizens. Technology has enabled every citizen to have whatever experience they want. And there are the Missions, the space program where most of the citizens aspire to join. Life in the City is considered preparation to finally progress above all and become a missionary in space. While the citizens all want to integrate their biology fully with technology, Joy—one of the City's founding Architects—has other plans. She is determined to run a research project to identify what happens if a citizen is taken out of the technological city and placed out in the wild to live. Is it too late for a citizen to return to living fully human, free from technology? Will the participants in the research project survive? Will they learn how to live again in nature? Or has the technology that they were immersed in been too hard to detox from? Progress Above All is a thrilling sci-fi series that gives readers an action-packed look into the future. The series features an expanding cast of characters who all want the power to choose how life and death should be treated in the new world. How far are the other Architects willing to go—how much technology will they integrate with the citizen's biology—to fulfil the City's one unshakable ethos: Progress Above All Progress Above All is a 21-book series, set in 2080, and sets the scene for an epic 20-year struggle between powerful forces with vastly different visions for the future of the human race. "Mick's writing is always "outside of the box" and this book did not fail to deliver. He has a great creative mind and the way he expresses his stories challenges your mindset. Really enjoyed this one, and looking forward to the next." - Janene Valen
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