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If you couldn’t get to the grocery store, how long would the food you currently have in your home last? Not many people think about this question. It’s not a fun experiment. There are many scenarios where this could happen, though. You might get snowed in after a bad storm. Going to the grocery store might be a health hazard. You might lose your job and suddenly find that you can’t afford to buy as much food as before. Relying just on what’s in our cupboards, most of us would probably run out of food fairly quickly. How can you avoid the fear and stress of these situations? Build a stockpile of food and water before an emergency arrives. In this book, we’re going to discuss the basics of an emergency pantry and food storage. You’ll find chapters on: What every emergency pantry should include How to budget, where to shop, and how to find space for your stockpile Important nutritional concerns to remember How long certain foods last and how to extend their shelf life as much as possible How to preserve foods at home How to cook when your regular methods aren’t available The do’s and don’ts of emergency food stockpiling By staying organized and thinking ahead, you can make life much better for you and your family during very hard times. You’ll have other things to worry about. Food and water shouldn’t be a part of that stress. Even if you take just a few pieces of advice from this book, you’ll be in better shape when a crisis occurs. Whether your goal is to stockpile a year’s worth of food or just a few weeks, this book gives you the information and inspiration you need.
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