Phoenix Under Fire by Crystal Dawn

In a world where magic stirs and the dark clouds of an impending battle gather, the witches, guardians of arcane secrets, are rallying forces. Among them, young Annie faces a personal storm. Her father, a figure of power and tradition, has decided her fate without consent, planning to bind her to a male not of her choice. But Annie's spirit is as wild as the magic she wields. In a defiant act, she weaves an ancient spell under the moonlit sky, not to bend to her father's will, but to summon her true, fated one. Meanwhile, in a starkly different reality, Ramiros, a Phoenix of formidable power, confronts an unexpected and gritty awakening. Gone are the comforts of his lavish bed, replaced by the harsh, sandy embrace of an unfamiliar beach. Thousands of miles from home, confusion rages within him like a tempest. Who dared to pluck him from his domain and cast him into this bewildering exile? As he rises, the air crackles with his anger, a promise of retribution hanging fiery and heavy. Pity the fool who thought it wise to meddle with a Phoenix, for they have not only awoken his wrath but have also unknowingly set the stage for an extraordinary collision of destinies. In this tantalizing tale of magic, defiance, and unexpected alliances, the lines between ally and enemy blur. Annie's quest for autonomy and Ramiros' burning quest for answers are about to intertwine, leading them into the heart of an age-old conflict where the stakes are as high as the very order of their mystical world. What unfolds is a story of power, passion, and the unyielding strength of a bond that defies the odds. As they navigate the tumultuous waters of ancient feuds and personal demons, they must answer a crucial question: Can they trust the magic that brought them together, or is it just another machination in the grand scheme of a world teetering on the brink of war?
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