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This unexpected journey full of secrets, heartache, and hope, considers the consequences of time travel and attempting to alter the past. Addicted to time jumping, Marcus lived and relived his life when he discovered the overlap. In what he called normal time, Marcus lived alone, sheltering himself from the world. Living with grief and regret. Nearing his end, wealthy 'time travel' inventor, Marcus Hollister, wished to tell his story. A recluse after his beloved wife, Ellie, tragically died, no one knew much about one of the most famous people on earth. The creation of his chamber had spawned an international business called Vacations in Time. Around the world, clients flocked into stores to relive moments of their lives. Without warning, the business closed its doors, never sending another client on an adventure in time. Some fifteen years later, the elderly recluse tells his story to a 'nobody' reporter named Jessica Matthews. Details of the multitrillion dollar business built on his invention and the horrifying reasons he shut it down are uncovered. With questionable motives for selecting her for his first and only interview, Marcus reveals to Jessica secrets previously known only to himself. Some secrets would have been better kept buried.
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