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Minerva Coolidge is one catwalk show away from becoming a supermodel and burying her biker-princess past forever. Until her outlaw family’s turf war turns her into a target, and Daddy orders her home for good. Now she’s fleeing a biker gang, her psychotically over-protective brother and a family-assigned bodyguard the size of a small hut. All without carbs. When Minnie is snatched, the small hut rescues her.  Big Mike is six-foot-six of tattooed, ex-biker, ex-Special-Forces muscle. Rowr. Plainer than homemade yogurt with a personality to match and zero small-talk, Big Mike is so much like the hard men Minnie was raised amongst that she finds him near-irresistible. But the last thing she needs is another autocratic protector. And he knows nothing about fashion. Nothing. When Big Mike proves impossible to ditch, Minnie is forced to accept his help. They team up to stay one step ahead of her kidnappers, save her cat, dispose of a body and evade the paparazzi. On the run with Big Mike, Minnie comes to realize that the quiet giant poses the biggest threat to her freedom. And heart. Download ON THE RUN for a wild ride today.
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