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If you’ve paid for exercise programs and not stayed with them, this book may change your life! The exercise industry is a monster―from online coaching, phone apps, email cues, gadgets, and infomercials, it is designed to turn you into a steady revenue stream. With this book you will no longer need to pay for meaningless approaches to exercises, but find the tools to remain motivated and active throughout your life. This book is written by a Physical Therapist specifically for people who want to begin exercising, and those who have started and quit, as well as those realizing the negative effects of age on their activity levels. The author has spent his career studying behavior and developing methods to teach people to overcome personal barriers, increase independence in their physical well-being, increase activity levels, and reach their personal goals. Rest assured, this is different than any of the exercise plans you have tried and rather than providing a strict exercise regime, it teaches you step-by-step to understand your own body and create your own exercise program that you can carry with you and adjust throughout your life. It’s a journey of self-reflection and that empowers you to stay active in ways you've not seen in any exercise programs. Is there a Fountain of Youth? None of us live forever, but proper exercise allows us to feel young until the end.
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