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NIGHT TERROR by Russ Tilton

Isolated on a remote river. Hunted by weaponized animals. Will anyone make it out alive? It had been a rough five years for Memphis Police Officer Jake Jessup. Blaming himself for the death of two partners, a divorce, and almost losing his job, the three-day canoe and kayak trip in the Ozarks sounded like the perfect way to reconnect with family and friends, and to put old demons to rest. What he found instead was a new set of demons, only these were real… and deadly. A float turns tragic for a group of boaters when a secret military project escapes into the Ozark Mountains of West Arkansas. But the people behind the project may turn out to be an even bigger threat than those with four-legs. They’re going to wish it was just a banjo player in the woods. Previously published as The Float.
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