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Nero’s Katana by Roux Cantrell

Nero Vaughn: After being estranged from his brothers a centuries ago, the warrior aligned himself with the vampire nation. His position within the VN is now threatened, as is his life. A slow death has never been Nero’s ideal way to leave this earth. But the poison coursing through his system is doing just that. Now he’s tracking down a powerful witch in hopes she can heal him before it’s too late.     Katana Samurai: Making a mess of things would not be how Katana would describe what she does. She just likes to expose corruption by stirring the pot. This time she has inadvertently caused a friend to be kidnapped.  By freeing her friend, Katana has gone against the coven leader. Now she’s on the run and doesn’t know who to trust. When a handsome stranger saves her from being abducted off the streets of New York, Katana agrees to help him. In return for his protection all Katana has to do is save his life.
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