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Nephilim by Anna Mocikat

Villains are made, not born. Nephilim is a Guardian Angel, one of the cybernetically enhanced super-soldiers, created to protect and destroy. Protect the Olympias Conglomerate, the mega-corporation that owns them, and destroy its enemies– at any cost. Nephilim is ruthless, sexy, and the best of these elite cyborgs–an unstoppable killing machine. But like all of her kind, she wasn’t born like that; she was made. Nephilim is only a child when silent black-clad killers with neon-blue eyes invade the village she grew up in, murder her parents and abduct her and the other children. With her memory wiped, Nephilim finds herself in a brutal program that turns the traumatized kids into the deadliest weapon in human history. But unknown to anyone except Metatron, the High-Archangel, Nephilim is special, and like a puppetmaster in the shadows, he grooms her for something greater… This is the first book in a series of three novellas, telling the story of how Nephilim became the ultimate killing machine. The series is a prequel to the main series Behind Blue Eyes. It can be read as a standalone or an addition to the main story. Join Nephilim on her journey of becoming a killer cyborg!
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