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Are YOU overthinking hurtful past experiences and worrying about the future? YOU FEEL A STATE OF BAD THOUGHTS CONFUSING YOUR MIND BUT FIND IT DIFFICULT TO MOVE ON? In this book you will uncover the reasons, consequences, and impact of self-talk and discover practical solutions to overcome negative self-talk, anger, hurt and anxiety, and the self-destructive comparison game, swiftly helping you move forward. When analyzing peak performing athletes a recent study found that positive self-talk interventions are effective in changing - (Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 2011). Furthermore, “Low self-esteem may also arise from poor self-evaluation due to socially comparing oneself to others” (Health Education Research, 2004) You’ll discover how to leave negative self-talk aside and think positive about your partner, work, and every other thing around you to see the impact.  In this Negative Self Talk book, you will discover: Deep rooted sources of negative self-talk The mechanism through which negative self-talk can lead to conflicts and mental illness In what way forgiveness helps to release freedom into yourself Self-love and its importance on your mind How to immediately get self-esteem, and self-worth instantly Rapidly change negative thinking into positive thinking fast And most importantly,  Ways to attain peace of mind Plus much, much more! Julia Meadows, a psychological expert, has a history of coaching hundreds of clients in this field. However, this book isn’t theoretical. It is a crux of human emotions, deduct from scientific jargon, but provides a key focus on the practical knowledge about harmful self-talk and destructive thought behavior, and human expectations regarding thinking, self-help, and finding solutions to your peaceful self-worth.  You’ll find it worth reading and implementing if you think your inner critic is a bit TOO vocal.  Scroll up and “Add to Cart Now.”
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