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Natural Selection by Janna Ruth

We are the Spirit Seekers. Nature has declared war on us, and we’re here to answer the call. For millennia, Vesuvius has been the bane of our existence in Italy, my second home. The SSA has called me and nine other elite Spirit Seekers to Naples to take on the fire spirit, before it brings upon a second Pompeii. All we have to do is enter an erupting volcano and search for the beast’s secret lair. Easy as, right? Everyone of us is aware that this task might as well be a suicide mission. But we’ve got to try. We can’t let this spirit terrorise us any longer. Vesuvius’s reign will end today. With us. Join Wulf, the commander of the Berlin Spirit Seekers, and his peers in this prequel to see the greatest of them all in action! If you enjoy action-packed urban fantasy with unique supernatural creatures, get your copy today.
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