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My Heart Is My Ink by Emma Lusin Cinar

Toss your heart a lifeline with these beautifully heartfelt poems… Explore human topics such as heartbreak, healing, and love while finding comfort. With underlying themes of joy, sadness, hardship and even friendship, these words will help soothe your inner pain while reminding you of the perils of being human. If you’ve ever experienced adversity, then this book is a must-read. Author Emma Lusin C. bares her soul in these eye-opening, profound poems. Her absolute honesty, vulnerability, and ability to articulate the complexities of our deepest emotions, elevate her works. We all share a similar emotional experience, even if our specifics are unique to each of us and Emma’s masterful articulation of these emotions gives us the sense we’re not alone in our suffering… or our joy. She encourages you, dear reader, to live fearlessly and truthfully.
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