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MH370 AIRLINER DOWN! by A.A. Zicard & J.E. Holling

239 souls are on board MH370, a red-eye flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. 238 expect to arrive safely. 1 soul knows that no one will. In MH370 Airliner Down!, authors Zicard and Holling skillfully use the known facts surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370, the greatest modern day airline mystery in aviation history, and create an epic espionage thriller with four countries involved. The fiction story places American secret weaponry in the aircraft's cargo bin. Jack Walker (CIA) and commercial pilot Addison Stark (Aussie agent & love interest) are teamed together to retrieve the weapon system. After a relentless chase through Southeast Asia, intelligence operatives, crewmembers, and passengers come together onboard, trying to control the final destination of the flight. MH370 vanishes into the night. No Mayday or pilot cries for help. No radar pings or satellite pictures. Will a suicidal crewmember have his way, or that a terrorist will hijack world attention for his cause, or that a manipulating operative executes a hostile takeover for his own gain? Weeks later, with passenger victims' families left behind to grieve, hardcore investigative reporter Noah Jacobs, discovers and exposes the truth of the Boeing 777 mystery disappearance, with its massive government embarrassments and subsequent international coverups. A true airline disaster, MH370's ill-fated events are uniquely dramatized-- managed plausibly with nail-biting suspense-- giving kudos to the insider authenticity and skill of the authors. This page-turning aviation novel gives new meaning to "inspired by true events" and will thrill both aviation aficionados and avid mystery-thriller readers alike.
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