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Do you feel the life you want is slipping out of your hands? Do new changes in your life make you feel vulnerable? Does this make you feel anxious? On the other hand, what makes someone overcome life obstacles and triumph? What are the secrets of the mind to quick and everlasting victory? If you want to know more then keep reading…. "Hardiness consists of … main components: control, the ability to feel and act as if one is in control of various life situations; commitment, the tendency to involve rather than distance oneself from whatever one is doing; and challenge, the ability to understand that change is normal… Confidence… with a high sense of self-belief and an unshakeable faith that they control their own destiny, these individuals can remain relatively unaffected by competition or adversity." - Science Direct, Personality and Individual Differences January 2009 In reading in this you will become mentally strong. You will discover how to utilize the scientific proven 4C’s into your everyday life, helping you to smash obstacles, overcome difficulties, ease through challenges, and build a solid confident foundation to finally achieve your goals.  Consider how courageous you will be in the face of any threat. Imagine addressing any dilemma you find and comfortably overcoming it. Imagine thinking that no matter what life throws at you, you'll be able to handle it. The Mental Toughness pocket bible is a step-by-step guide to toughening up your mind in the face of difficulties. You'll learn how to deal with stress, control your emotions, and cope with the psychological pain that comes with adversity. And, most of all, you'll discover how to do more than you ever dreamed imaginable by sheer willpower. This book is for anyone looking to learn and develop quick, clever brain fixes to boost his or her mind and lives. In this book, we uncover the practical methods used by elites to smash through barriers, overcome adversity, and gain advantages & success. The book provides an easy-to-implement step-by-step plan for each "technique" as used by Athletes, Navy Seals, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Politicians, Lawyers, Marines, SAS, etc. You will learn the following: Uplift Mental Energy at Will Prevent Procrastination Boost Productivity Instant Motivation Quick Problem Solving Better Decision Making Reprogram your mind Eliminate Negative Thinking Solid Self-confidence Everlasting Self-Esteem How to think; clearer, smarter & faster Fruitful Effectiveness Greater Efficiency Additionally, you'll get proven exercises to help you bring the techniques you'll learn in this book into practice! Scroll Up And Add To Cart Now!
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