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★ THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET FOR YOUR FAMILY ★ (watch the video on the author page) It is well known that the Mediterranean diet brings great health benefits. Among the benefits: prevents cardiovascular diseases, lowers blood cholesterol, prevents stroke and type 2 diabetes, is very effective against cancers of the digestive system, breast and prostate. But how to start? What dishes can I make? What is needed? Can eating properly improve our health? Keep reading to find an answer to all these questions. For the fifth consecutive year, the Mediterranean diet was rated as the best diet of the year (2022) by the Best Diet Ranking a ranking prepared by nutrition experts who have analyzed dozens of diets, published in US News & World Report. For a long time now, Western diets have been based on carbohydrates. The peoples of the Mediterranean region have been following a relatively healthy diet for centuries. This rich diet with lots of fruits, vegetables and fish has been shown to be good for our health and have many health benefits and obesity prevention. This book will help you bring the best Mediterranean diet straight to your table with recipes from breakfast to dinner with common ingredients. The Mediterranean diet book will help you lose weight without sacrificing taste. To this end, all recipes are created according to the Mediterranean tradition using fresh and natural products. You will learn, in addition to the guidelines of the Mediterranean diet, easy-to-make recipes that you will love and that you will want your family and friends to try. After years of experience both as a highly respected researcher in the field of food science and, later in her institute, as a trainer of nutrition professionals, Nancy Vassallo wants to bring the healthiest recipes of the Mediterranean diet into your homes even to beginners. Here is what this cookbook will cover: ★ WHAT IS THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET ⇒ The basic principles and foods that have made it famous all over the world. ★ THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET FOOD PYRAMID ⇒ A nutritional guide to eat the right foods in the correct quantities and with the prescribed frequency according to the traditional eating habits of the Mediterranean. ★ QUICK AND EASY RECIPES ⇒ Prepare hundreds of healthy recipes. Many recipes are ready in less than half an hour. ★ MEAL PLANNING FOR THE DAY ⇒ The recipes are inserted in order to cover from breakfast to dinner. This way, you can organize and plan 30 days of recipes without going crazy. ★ RECIPES DIVIDED BY CATEGORIES ⇒ The book is organized in such a way that we can easily find all the recipes concerning for example vegetables rather than pasta or pizzas. ★ CONVENIENT CONVERSION TABLE ⇒ Conversion tables for both solids and liquids. Here's a little taste: • BREAKFAST ⇒ Mediterranean Breakfast Salad • APPETIZER ⇒ Party Pitas • LUNCH ⇒ Broccoli Taco • DINNER ⇒ Almond Butternut Chicken • PASTA ⇒ Mediterranean Spaghetti • FISH AND SEAFOOD ⇒ Halibut and Quinoa Mix • VEGETABLES ⇒ Sweet Potato Burgers • MEAT ⇒ Beef Cacciatore • FRUIT AND SWEETS ⇒ Dark Chocolate Blueberry Muffins • PIZZA ⇒ Pizza Margherita So, what are you waiting for? Click BUY NOW and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle without having to deprive yourself!
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