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Have you ever wondered why some people enjoy a happy, rich and stress-free life while others don’t? How do you achieve your goals and enjoy inner peace and tranquility in a world filled with multitudes of uncertainties? This book is written to show you exactly how to achieve a happy, fulfilling and stress-free life through the power of meditation. Beyond the traditional beliefs, meditation has more potential than you can ever think or imagine. This book defines what meditation is, its techniques and benefits. Reading this book will equip you with mindfulness tools you can deploy for your personal development and transformation. The principles shared in this book will help you shape your environment, attract the right events and achieve your goals. The happy life you desire is about to unfold when you read this book. Not only will you become more intentional, but you will also become more productive in all ramifications as you apply the wisdom contained in this book. Start reading now; the results you will attain in a short while will be amazing to the extent that people around you will ask you to show them the key to your success.
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