Mechaniek by JC Compton


Fourteen years have passed since the assassination of King Denisov, and Toweren has slowly recovered from the long war with Tartessos. Hybrids like the merpeople have become a new object of interest for collectors, as well as the preserved bodies of four children found in the ruins of the ancient Devarkan civilization.

In Toweren, Arnau and Goram have adopted a son, Ari, who lacks the talent for mechanics that would ensure him a future. One night, they are invited to a party at the Yamato-koku ambassador’s home where he meets Masaru, a talented mechanical drummer and playboy, and befriends Princess Aimee Denisov. Disappointed with his life and his relationship failures, Ari doubts himself; more so when he discovers that his biological father died in the experiments carried out by his adoptive father Arnau. Furious, he leaves Toweren with the Yamato-koku ambassador to become his son Masaru’s tutor and at first finds it difficult to get along with this spoiled young man he shared a kiss with, but soon a bond beyond words grows between them.

Meanwhile, in Toweren, Aimee starts dating the son of Royman Lombardi, a religious conservative and monarchist. Seduced at first by their promises, she then becomes friends with her political enemy, Alistair McVaughan, and when the Lombardis turn against her, he is the one who comes to her rescue. But Lombardi’s ambitions extend beyond the princess: he has secretly kidnapped the four Devarkan children after they awakened and plans to use them to restore the divine right of kings in Toweren...

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