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From your Favorite Amazon Best Selling Author Faith Johnson, comes this wonderful Summer Mail Order Bride Story... Rowena Masters is ready for her son, Abraham, to settle down with a good woman and start running his own ranch. Unfortunately, Abraham has different plans. He has been raised in wealth and has no intention of ending his fun anytime soon. So, finally, Rowena takes matters into her own hands. If Abraham does not find a wife, she will find one for him. Left widowed and with a young child, Delilah Porter has made a desperate decision. She will travel west to become the mail order bride of Mr. Abraham Masters. But it seems that Abraham was not expecting her at all, and does not even want her there. Nevertheless, Delilah has nowhere else to go, and so she decides to make the best of things. After all, at least she has found a home for herself and her daughter. Now, if only she could find love, as well.
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